maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

Paintings inspired by Finnish Myths

In Finnish mythology there is character called Utu-Neito the mist maiden.
Mist Maidens are ethereal water/air spirits. During twilight mist you might see them dancing above waters on lakes, streams and ponds. They also sing beautiful songs.
It is believed when it is not misty mist maidens live in the bottom of the lakes.

Original is available here.

In Finnish Mythology we have special group of elves called "Maahinen". Their name comes from the word "Maa" meaning earth. Maahinen is an earth bound creature. They are sometimes also known as "Menninkäinen". They live underground in cozy homes that are very similar to human homes. They are small and they have round faces. Maahinen knows a lot about earth medicine and healing powers of nature. They have special kind of magick. Some Maahinen are known to have their own animals and cattle. 

"Menninkäistyttö" Original is available here. 

Forests are filled with fairies and other "invisible" spirits.

"Forest in the mist" Original is available here. 

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