perjantai 22. syyskuuta 2017

Hufflepuff Christmas Tree

This tree is dedicated to all my friends in Hufflepuff!

Helga Hufflepuff. Founder of the Hufflepuff house.

Of course I had to add Newt Scamander into the Hufflepuff tree.

Hot Chocolate to warm up.

Someone has left their sweets to the sleigh.

Scale is 1:12

Tree is app. 12 cm tall and 8 cm wide/ 4.7 inches x 3 inches

Badger of Hufflepuff

Tonks is my personal favorite Hufflepuff.

Someone left a gift for Professor Sprout as well.

I made a little YouTube video of Hufflepuff tree as well.

If you are interested on buying this tree drop me a note
on sale for true fans.

After all it is less than 100 days till Christmas.

Much love

tiistai 19. syyskuuta 2017

Frozen miniature tree

Hey guys!

I know it still takes a while 'till it's December. I wanted to share with you my new Frozen themed miniature tree.

I don't care what anyone else says Frozen is awesome. With not just one but two kick-ass Disney princesses. 

Here is the set.

I made little gifts for everyone. There is also some hot chocolate for Elsa.

Tree is about 12 cm  tall x 7 cm wide / 4,7  x 2,8 inches

There is few characters in this miniature set. Those are Olaf, Anna, Sven and Grandpa troll.

I love making all the tiny decorations. There is some tiny silver
pine cones and pearls turned into Christmas tree decorations.

Now what is this magical thing...? 

Frozen tree set is on sale for 49 euros / $59 / £43 + shipping 

if you are interested e-mail me

I made a little YouTube video of it as well. Suddenly I'm feeling all festive :D

Thank you for stopping by