keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2016

Fantasy & Eco Art workshop

Learn to paint fantasy landscapes, fairies, mermaids, dragons and other magical characters in the Fantasy & Eco Art workshops. You'll also find out how to use every day & recycled materials to give that extra touch to your paintings.

First workshop takes place in Friday 8th of July (5pm-7pm) and the second workshop is Thursday July 15th 2016. 
Course fee is £10 with materials included (feel free to bring your own as well if you wish).
Course fee is £15 if you sign up for both days. To confirm your place. please e-mail

Discounts for those in need :D

You can find us from Glyndwr University Student Guild in Wrexham

Niina Niskanen is an artist and illustrator specialising in fantasy art and creative use of sustainable materials.

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