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Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings

I recently watched movie Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings. It was second movie about Tinker Bell I've seen. My review on the first Tinker Bell movie can be found here:

Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings appeared in 2012 and it was animated and produced by DisneyToons Studios. In order Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings in fourth movie about Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell movie franchise

Character of Tinker Bell was created by playwriter J.M.Barrie to his famous play Peter Pan. Walt Disney studios made animation about Peter Pan that appeared in 1953. In the movie Peter Pan Tinker Bell doesn't speak but she is very active and comical sidekick. I personally think that Tinker Bell in these Tinker Bell movies is more nicer and approachable than Tinker Bell in Peter Pan.  


Like all the Tinker Bell movies this one starts with narrator introducing the fairy world to the viewer. In Pixie hollow there are areas for all the four seasons. Fairies in the spring, summer and autumn world can come and go as they please but winter fairies can not enter the warm world other wise their wings would melt. Fairies from the warm land can not enter the cold world because their wings might get frozen and break. 

Tinker Bell is helping her fairy friend animal fairy Fawn to get animals enter the winter world. Tinker gets mesmerized by the beauty of the winter world. She can not help herself and soon she is surrounded by snow. Suddenly her wings starts to shimmer and vibrate. She returns to the warm world but can not forget what had happened. She finds a book from the library that tells about shimmering wings. Some of the text has been eaten by worms. She hears that writer of the book mysterious Storyteller lives in the winter world. Soon Tinker Bell sews herself warm winter outfit (that is really cute!) and prepares to return to the winter world.

Tinker travels to winter world as a stowaway. She finds the home of the storyteller but before she gets chance to introduce herself there is someone before her. It is a fairy called Periwinkle. She also has experiences from shimmering wings. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle meet each others and Storyteller takes them to see ice reflections where they can take a look at their past.

Once upon a time in London there was a little baby girl laughing in a cradle. From the laughter there was two fairies born. Other one flew to the warm world in the Pixie Hollow other one to the winter world. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are sisters! (Kind of...fairies don't have DNA). Girls immediately like each others. Periwinkle is a frost fairy. She takes Tinker Bell to see magical wonders of the winter world. They go sleigh riding ice skating and meet Periwinkles winter fairy friends. When ruler of the winter world Lord Milori founds out that there is fairy from the warm world visiting he becomes mad and Tinker Bell needs to return to the warm world. 

Tinker Bell with her friends build a machine that creates snow so that Periwinkle could come and visit the warm world. Machine works great at the beginning but when it gets broken Periwinkle gets ill and her wings start to melt. Lord Milori takes her back to the winter world. Both Lord Milori and Queen Clarion deny Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to cross the border again. They are former lovers. In the past Lord Milori broke his other wing when he and Clarion used to meet each others in the border. Ever since they stopped seeing each others. In rage Lord Milori tries to destroy the snow making machine but machine wont get broken. Instead it starts to create more and more snow that spreads all over Pixie Hollow.

Fairies notice that they are all in great danger. Biggest concern is the Fairy dust Tree. If tree get's frozen all the fairies are in danger to loose their magic. Tinker Bell remembers Periwinkles talent to create frost that captures warmth inside. She persuades Periwinkle and her friends to save Pixie Hollow. Soon all the winter fairies are there to help. 

Animals and the fairies of the warm world go to look for cover. Winter fairies save the Fairy dust tree and the all Pixie Hollow. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori get back together and all fairies are allowed to visit between the different worlds.

Fairy Sisters

I really like the character designs in these Tinker Bell movies. By their appearance Tinker Bell and Periwinkle aren't very much alike but their nature is quite similar. Both are very curious and clever.

Tinker Bell is good at sewing. I think her winter outfit is adorable. Very much similar to the way winter/Christmas elves are portrayed in English speaking countries (hey I'm from Finland...we have our own elves!). 

Tinker Bell however is very cute wearing her winter outfit and it has similar style like in her iconic green dress.

Periwinkles outfit has the same colors as there are in the winter world. Leggings and tiny skirt made from feathers are nice details.


I didn't have much expectations for this movie because it's a sequel but there was many positive surprises in the movie. I hadn't read any spoilers about the movie so I was genuinely surprised when it turned out that Tinker Bell had a sister. Another surprise was the relationship of Queen Clarion and Lord Milori. In these films Queen Clarion is most of the time portrayed as very reserved character (royal?). I thought it was nice to bring more depth to the character and to revel bit more about her past. 

Level of animation

Level of computer animation in these Tinker Bell movies is superior. The way snow, frost and winter landscapes are animated is just breathtaking. I think this movie will be new addition for my list of films to watch around Christmas time.

One of my favorite scenes is the scene where Tinker Bell enters the winter world the first time and her wings start to shimmer. It is pure magic. Overall animation of the wings is amazing. Every time fairies are flying wings are moving fast. They also reflect the sun rays. Another fun scene is when Tinker Bell meets the nurse fairy and her wings are checked that they aren't frozen. There is a fairy guy who got an accident with a rainbow and he is all colorful and itches all over. Then there is a fairy who is stuck inside snapdragon flower and can't see anything while walking.


I don't think the story in this film was as well written as the story in the first Tinker Bell movie. I do enjoy the details and the diversity of the fairy worlds in these Tinker Bell movies. In this film animals got their winter coats when they entered the winter world. Like Tink Periwinkle also collects missing objects and builds things. They make ice skates for Tinker Bell from paper clips. 

There was lots of new characters in this movie. Lord Milori, Storyteller, Periwinkle and all her friends. I really liked the way Tinker Bell and Periwinkle immediately bond as sisters and they start to look similarities from each others. I recommend this movie to all fans of Tinker Bell, fairies and overall Disney fans who enjoy watching wintry Disney films. I think I'll watch this next time on my winter holiday.

Love, light and fairy dust to all my readers

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