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How to mix secondary colors (+ black and brown) with watercolors

In my new video I explain and show how to mix secondary colors + brown and black from primary colors.

Material needed:
- Windsor & Newton watercolor set
- paint brushes
- jar of clear water
- acid free watercolor paper (I suggest to use watercolor paper that has thickness at least 200g)

Watercolor sets have 2 shades of primary colors: cold color and warm color:

Cold Yellow = cadmium yellow
Warm Yellow = chrome yellow

Cold Red = Carmine Red
Warm Red = Sinoper Red

Cold Blue = Ultramarine Blue
Warm Blue = Cobalt Blue

Mixing secondary colors:

Cadmium Yellow & Ultramarine Blue = Deep Green
Cobalt Blue & Carmine Red = Deep Violet
Sinoper Red & Chrome Yellow = Deep Orange

You can create different shades of  brown by mixing primary colors together; red, blue and yellow.

You can create black by mixing primary colors together adding extra amounts of dark blue and dark red.

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