perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2016

Ode to Jesus-tape

I recently had modern art course at school. We had to take photos from all the stuff that is on our desks with our phone cameras and make art from the photos. I took a picture of my Jesus-tape.

British people seem to find it very amusing that Finns call duct tape as Jesus-tape and that Jeesus-teippi better known as Jesari by it's nickname is essential part of Finnish vocabulary.

Let's face it you can fix almost everything with Jesus-tape. Name makes sense no matter are you a Jesusfreak, hardcore atheist or a nature-centered pagan like myself. 

Anyway this tape is here to save us all but I must say that the Jesus tape that I bought from one-pound store is the most terrible Jesus-tape ever. It doesn't hold anything.
but it inspired me to create this beautiful piece of art.

Lets hear it for the Jesus-tape!

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