sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2015

Sunday Sketches: Watching Bones

Hello Folks!

It's autumn my favorite time of the year.

I like this chilly weather but Noki my halloween cat boy doesn't really enjoy it.

I've been busy packing things. Moving is getting closer and closer. I also got material list to my e-mail. So exited to gather art supplies for up-coming studies.

I have some fan-art finished.
I'm huge fan of the tv-series Bones. 
Currently 10th season going on in Finnish television.

Here is one of my favorite characters Dr. Sweets
Played by actor John Francis Daley.

Watercolors and white acrylic

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torstai 27. elokuuta 2015


Hello blogging world!

I hope everyone are doing great.

I've had really bad luck this month. The surgery I was supposed to have in August was removed 'till later this year. 

It has been really frustrating because I'm moving to UK in September and now I need to fly back to Finland just to get into surgery. I still don't know when the surgery is going to be. I've been pretty depressed because of this (self-diagnosed) and I haven't felt like updating my blog or social media that much.

Time to take a grip. 

Here is my newest painting


(c) Niina Niskanen
Watercolor on acid free cold pressed watercolor paper

Juksakka is a Sami goddess. She has two sisters; Sarakka and Madderakka.

All three goddesses are related to childbirth and protecting children.
Juksakka is a goddess who watches over the development of the child from conception through early childhood.

Juksakka is also known as a "bow woman"
She is also goddess of hunting and wilderness.
She has similarities with the Greek goddess Artemis but do no mix the two because as a Sami goddess her existence and context are linked to Sami culture, northern nature and the folklore of Lapland. 

You can find postcards and prints made from this piece from my redbubble-store.¨

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sunnuntai 9. elokuuta 2015

Short break

Hello blogging world

I have a surgery coming up tomorrow. 
Nothing serious but I don't think I'll update my blog during the sick leave.

See you all again when I'm healed.

Love and light

tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Creative Tuesday: Picnic

Hello people :)

I hope everyone are having a fabulous Tuesday.

Creative Tuesday - challenge this week theme is Picnic.

I first tried to drew Picnic stuff but I didn't like what I drew 
then I went to my mixed media storage and here's the result.

Weather in Finland has been really bad. 
This is officially third coldest summer for a hundred years.

So it's almost a luxury to go for a picnic. 
Weather cast did say it's going to be warmer in August. 
Fingers crossed.. anyways in my picnic there is my favorite summer food; 
tea with lemon slices and some watermelon. What else do you need.

Materials used:

craft maple leaves
card stocks
marbled paper
nail polish
watercolor textured paper
tin paper

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Stay creative

sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Sunday Sunflower

Hello all artistic folk !

I hope everyone are having a fabulous Sunday.
This weekend me and my friend Sini hosted another meditative art course

There was very artistic attendants (once again).
If any of you is reading this it was a pleasure to have such a great and enthusiastic group to teach.

Few weeks ago I had art exhibition opening. 
You can read more about here.

My friend Anna visited there and we hadn't met for a long time so it was a nice surprise.
She gave me pretty yellow flowers and once I got home I made a little painting of them.

Here's my flatmate's cat (cat-mate?)  Mytty with the flowers.

Yellow flowers

Painted with watercolors on cold pressed acid free watercolor paper

More details.
I used different shades of yellow, little bit brown red and green.

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Love and Light