maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Aqua

Me and my friend Sini taught intuitive art last weekend for bunch of very intuitive students <3 p="">
Here are some piece I created.

Patterns for these two were made with plastic wrap.
Challenge answer for Creative Tuesdays Aqua theme

Little shamrock for good luck

All eyes wide open (including the third one which can see the invincible things as well)
Watercolor and graphite 

Submitted also for Teemataide and Paint Party Friday challenges

That's all for now

Happy Midsummer celebration for all those who celebrate it

Summer in Finland

Love and light

tiistai 2. kesäkuuta 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Orange (and thoughts on HSP)

Watercolor (c) Niina Niskanen

Just finished new watercolor piece for Creative Tuesdays. This time CT - theme is orange

I haven't painted still life art that much so this was nice.

I wrote about my HSP to my Finnish blog and thought to write about it here as well. I believe many of my artists friends might find this interesting. I've noticed that high sensitivity is very common especially among artists and creative folk.

Earlier this spring I realized that I am HPS (highly sensitive person). To be honest with you it was like having a enlightenment. I've always had problems in the past understanding why I got so overwhelmed in certain situations.

You can find many tests about hsp. I did the Finnish test and got very high scores.

You can find English test here:

Basically highly sensitive person's brain processes information and reflects it on more deeply. Meaning that highly sensitive people are more aware of subtleties around us.

It is estimated that 20 % of all world population are highly sensitive.

With children hsp is often mixed with shyness. I believe that shyness is fear of being judged.
 I was a very shy child. Now as an adult I'm definitely not shy I'm highly sensitive.

From all HSP 70 % are introverts and 30 % are extroverts. I myself am introvert. I'm best at my work when I get to work alone and especially in those works where one needs to concentrate. Of course I'm not a total hermit since I do enjoy company of other people as well but not all the time.

In my case there are different areas where my highly sensitiveness shows.

For example I can't watch extremely violent movies or TV-shows (no walking dead or game of thrones for me) I can't either play violent video games.

Sometimes it's also very difficult for me to watch news or read news. I can get extremely sad or angry.

Quite often highly sensitive people also have very high morals and idea of justice
I think all the bullying experiences I've had has effected also.

You remember the school that I wrote about and the bullying teachers. 
I took contact to the agreement office to work things out.
Unfortunately there was no agreement. I told that I can meet up anyone else accept that bitchy vice principal who caused me panic attacks few years ago.
She definitely wanted to be there and only would have agreed to meet me if I remove all  my blog texts. 
I said I could do some censoring if I get to talk with anyone else accept with her. I didn't want to have another panic attack and get all those nightmares back.

So there was no agreement but I came to the conclusion that all my thoughts about these people and wondering why they act the way they act are quite accurate. Of course as a school leader she could have easily give permission for anyone else there to meet me at the agreement office.
I guess some people just get kicks on picking others.

Teachers who pick students must have terrible self-confidence when they must make others feel miserable also.

 I easily sense other people's moods. I feel when someone is stressed, anxiety, scared, tired, happy or peaceful. I think this is why I've always had difficulties working in big groups.

As an artist I see colors and shapes perhaps more vividly than many other (I hadn't thought about it before I read about hsp)  When I paint and create art everything else disappears around me.

I also get easily overwhelmed if I have too many projects to work with or if I try to do many things at once. Quality is also bad then.

Quite often the most sensitive ones become artists and people with big cultural influences.

Some famous hsp comedians: Pirkka-Pekka Petelius (he is Finnish actor), Steve Martin and I'm pretty shore that Robin Williams was hsp as well.

Famous scientists: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Carl Jung.

Artists and visionaries: Walt Disney, Dali and Van Gogh

Directors, actors, musicians: Steven Spielberg, Michael Moore, Nicole Kidman, Barbra Streissand, Elton John, Bob Dylan and John Lennon.

Very often highly sensitive people are very conscientious. This often causes that we easily become people pleasers. I know I've been like that in the past in some relationships.

When one becomes more aware of all these aspects of sensitivity it becomes more easier to avoid all those things that causes stress and not to get so overloaded. When I understood this my life became much more balanced.

I hope this was helpful for some of you. 

Love and light to you all

Elaine Aron talks on high sensitivity