tiistai 4. elokuuta 2015

Creative Tuesday: Picnic

Hello people :)

I hope everyone are having a fabulous Tuesday.

Creative Tuesday - challenge this week theme is Picnic.

I first tried to drew Picnic stuff but I didn't like what I drew 
then I went to my mixed media storage and here's the result.

Weather in Finland has been really bad. 
This is officially third coldest summer for a hundred years.

So it's almost a luxury to go for a picnic. 
Weather cast did say it's going to be warmer in August. 
Fingers crossed.. anyways in my picnic there is my favorite summer food; 
tea with lemon slices and some watermelon. What else do you need.

Materials used:

craft maple leaves
card stocks
marbled paper
nail polish
watercolor textured paper
tin paper

Thanks for stopping by
Stay creative

8 kommenttia:

  1. Niina ~~ What a delightful and clever picnic...no calories so I can enjoy any and everything. HaHa
    I love the idea of using so many items to make your finished project. Lovely Picnic.

    1. Thanks Wanda..hhahhaa definitely no calories!

  2. lovely and creative collage, so sorry to hear about your summer, hope it improves sigh.

  3. Oooh, beautiful! Love the shapes and the collage feel :-D I at first read watercolor to say watermelon, as the red made me think of that. Great job! <3

  4. Niina,
    What a lovely way to do a piece of artwork. What is marbled paper? I love the bright colours.

  5. this does to remind me of a picnic scene, the teapot shape, the watermelon. I'm not very good at interpreting abstract but this works, definitely something different

    hope you have a lovely day.

  6. How great to see a collage for a change from CT. Perfectly acceptable and one we rarely see here. Love that you've made it fun too, Niina. Lovely to have you back here too, btw. I had to click on the image to see all the details. Worth doing.

    Great job. Thank you for joining in again after a little break.

    "third coldest summer for a hundred years."--wow. Had no idea about that. How funny.

    1. Thanks Michael. I hope it's warmer weather in UK when I move there.