keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

Cuckoo in the forest

Mixed Media/Collage

Time goes so fast. Few months and I'm moving to Wales to continue my art studies.
Before that I share some of my latest paintings with you.

I have art exhibition coming up within few weeks.
If you are travelling in Oulu area be shore to stop by at Venka&Vinka

"Cuckoo" is combination of acrylic and paper collage.

Cuckoo is very important bird in the Finnish mythology.
It's also known as the bird of destiny.

First cuckoo means the arrival of summer.

Sick and old people have counted years for their funerals and young people for their weddings from the cuckoo sounds.

Eastern Finnish poem tells from the moon maiden who weaves people's destinies. 
From maiden tears became three rivers. From three rivers rise three hills. On three hills there was three birch trees. On the top of the birch trees there was three cuckoos. Cuckoos can tell peoples destinies for those who come across with them.

"First sun rays"

Forest wakes up to the first sun rays.

Watercolor on acid free watercolor paper.

I filmed my painting process. You can find it here:

Submitted to Paint Party Friday and Teemakuu

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6 kommenttia:

  1. I love to hear the cuckoo call...such a magical sound :D XXX

    1. Thank you so much Gina. Cuckoos are magical birds.

  2. Upean, salaperäisen metsän taiteilit videollasi. Löysin tänne PPA:sta.
    Hilpeitä heinäkuun helteitä ;)

  3. Niina, that is so interesting. I didn't to know all the folklore around cuckoos. I think your metallic paint and touches of metallic in general add to that sense of illumination and wonder. And, I love your magical enchanted forest. Wonderful!

    It sounds like you have a lot going on with your exhibition (good luck with that!) adn moving to Wales, of all places. Wow. I LOVE LOVE wales. To me it is liek the big sky and expance of Colorado meets the green hedgerowed hills of England. Beautiful. My great aunt lived on the base of the Brecon beacons (in Llanfrynach). Talk about magical! you will adore it. I'm happy for you. So when is the move?

    1. Thank you Michael. I'll be moving in September. I'm shore Wales is as lovely and magical I've imagined it to be.