torstai 21. toukokuuta 2015

Creative Tuesday: Fairy Tale Tree

Hello blogging friends

I finally got my CT piece finished. You all know my passion for details. So it took a bit longer than I expected but I'm very happy with it and I hope you all like it as well.

Theme was "fairy tale tree" believe it or not I had really difficult time to decide what to paint.
 Should I paint something from mythology like Yggdrasil or Celtic trees? Juniper from Greek myth?
or tree spirits from fairy tales?  

One day I was walking away from work and saw this huge hare running across the street (well..hare was brown not white). I haven't never seen a hare that big before then I thought if hare is almost as big as me (I am not the tallest person) there must be hares as small as fairies, right?

So here we are; fairy, hare and hedgehog, the magical tree house and the little spring miracle of  birth.

Lately at work I've painted lot's of horse shoes so I gave them a horse shoe door.

"Spring miracles"
Watercolor and felt tipped pens
(c) Niina Niskanen

Here is another painting with trees.

This one is called "Grandpa as a young man".

It's my grandpa. I used a photo that was taken in the 70's as a reference.
My grandpa used to work as a forest ranger so I painted lot's of motifs of northern nature.

When I was a child I often went hiking with him. Grandpa really loves the forests.
He has been in pretty bad shape lately and has been in my thoughts a lot.

"Grandpa as a young man"
Watercolor on acid free watercolor paper
(c) Niina Niskanen 2015

Love and Light

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  1. Hi, Niina, So glad you were able to produce not one but two wonderful paintings with trees. The hare looks so happy next to your girl as I imagine him waiting to be invited for tea and yummy treats. Love the shape of the mailbox and your wonderful tree. The horseshoe door is imaginative. And you're grandpa looks so happy in the forest. I do hope he will be okay.

  2. Niina, so glad I saw this piece on my CT sidebar or I would have missed it entirely since you apparently missed the sign up deadline? Never fear though, I've gone back in and added you there and also made a note of this piece on the P.P.S. section of the latest (orange) theme! So I suggest as you go visit the other Ct co-oppers, you let them know your piece is now signed up.

    As it is, it's a shame anyone might miss it as it really is a lovely piece. One of my faves of yours, actually, and should I be surprised, coming from Fairy Chamber after all? :) I love your attention to details here and the story of what inspired you too. Love seeing a hedgehog and the little bunny too as well as, of course, the tea cup and saucer! wonderful. The bubbles add that extra bit of mgaic, don't they? Well done, Niina. Love it. Thank you!
    Oh, and by the way, I did have to laugh that of all people you were the one who struggled with this theme the most apperently, but only because you had so many possibilities there. I was thinking of you and Lissa's styles when coming up with this theme.

    1. Thanks Michael for adding my piece too. I had such a busy week but I'm glad I was able to finish this one.

  3. "Spring miracles" is just wonderful, there is so many things to look and discover. I really like the curly mailbox, and shoes, and the little fish pond, so many textures too. great take on the CT theme.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you Lissa. Swirly shapes are fitting to the fairy world.

  4. Nina,
    So happy your post was linked. These are wonderful. The first one is so imaginative with such detail. And I love the one of your dad being part of the trees. Excellent.

  5. Wonderful pieces! The fairy tree is charming and I would have enjoyed your grandpa, for the woods are near and dear to me!

    1. Many thanks :) When life get's hard go to the woods. that's my motto.