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Creatures from the forest

Hello blogging friends!

I have some great news. Back in last August- September I applied to few universities in UK to study illustrating and just recently I found out that I was accepted to one of the schools. 
I still look forward to hear from the rest of the schools as well before making the decision but now it is for shore that I'm moving in the end of the summer.

I'm very exited about this opportunity to get a BA-degree on illustrating.

Lately I've continued with illustrating characters and stories from Finnish mythology.

"Forest dance"
watercolor and felt tipped pens
(c) Niina Niskanen

Dancing girl in the middle is nature sprite called Tellervo. She is daughter of the forest god Tapio and nature/animal goddess Mielikki. 

Tellervo is known of her special connection with animals and her wild and free spirit. She is also sometimes called as "child of the forest".

Here she is dancing with her animal friends.

"Birth of the cat"
Watercolors and acrylics on acid free watercolor paper
(c) Niina Niskanen

Birth of the cat according to ancient Finnish mythology and folklore.

"I know of the cats origin
the incubation of Greybeard
The cat was gotten on a stove
as a girls nose
a hares head
a tail of "Hiisi's plait of hair"
claws of a viper
a tail of snakes venom
Feet of cloud berries
the rest of it's body
is of the wolf's race"

Greybeard (halliparta) is known as a Finnish nature sprite, an elf-like creature (in common Finnish  known as "tonttu").

Hiisi has many meanings it can be an old worshiping place (stone, natural circle, a small hill ect.) '

It can also be a giant or 

an ancient nature god or both.

The first cat was born in a sauna. 

That totally makes sense. All my cats love sauna and other warm places.  Greybeard knew what he was doing.

Greybeard  goes to the 29faces challenge being first one with total imaginary face :)

also going to Teemakuu and Paint party Friday

Thank you for stopping by

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am SO SO thrilled for you! You deserve this SO much and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in every bookstore! Fabulous - sending huge hugs and much love from Shroo:)xxxxx

    1. Thank you Shroo dear :) I'm very exited about all this!