perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

Blue dusk and heart of winter

Hello blogging friends

I hope everyone are doing great. 

This weeks Inspiration Avenue - challenge is to answer question
 "what winter means to you"

Living in a country where it snows 5 months in a year I'd say for me winter means rest.
Nature sleeps and wakes up in the spring. I myself need much more sleep in the winter months also :)

Finns have a special word for the time just before the night falls - sininen hämärä - the blue dusk

Silent beauty of nature. Snow get's blue like the sky.

Beside rest and beautiful nature winter means colors for me.

Lately I've tried to work with limited color palette.

Little kitty in the shades of blue pink and violet.

Colors also give energy so I've also done some very colorful art.

Abstract art in my artjournal:

This is a WIP of my newest acrylic painting on canvas.

There will be mermaids and sea creatures.

Winter is also great time for relaxing crafts like painting candle jars.
My collection is like a rainbow soon.

Artworks submitted to paint party Friday and IA

Love and light

8 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely photos, I'm cold just looking at them! The kitty is sweet.

  2. Your lovely serene blue dusk photos are my favourite for this week
    happy PPF
    Much love...

  3. Oooooooo just LOOK at that snow! We've not had very much at all where I live - at least not so far. When I lived in the countryside, the snow would cover EVERYTHING - VERY cold but completely beautiful! I adore your lovely cat art! Big hugs - Shroo:)xx

  4. Although your snowy photos are beautiful, as I'm sure is your country I couldn't survive so many months of snow! I love all the colorful ways you brighten such long wintry days. The kitty is adorable. Your mermaid painting is looking wonderful, and I love the rainbow of candles.

    1. Thank you Linda. Finns are used to snowy winters :)