maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014

Winter colors

Hello fellow bloggers 

Inspiration Avenue- challenge this week is about colors of the holiday season.

Lately my paintings have had lot's of blue shades.

Blue is interesting color. On my first year at artschool we discussed about that what color snow is?
First I said it's white but then I looked outside and I wasn't so shore. In the morning snow had blue shades and in the sunset it was all pink and orange.

We don't have much snow here now. There is little bit on the ground but I hope there will be more.

 I really love snowy winters.

(picture taken in 2012)

Here is my latest painting called "Frozen field".

 "Frozen field"
(c) Niina Niskanen 2014
acrylics on canvas

Original is listed on my Etsy-shop here.

I also found these wooden shapes I did a year ago at woodwork. I finally
decided to paint something on them.

So here is a wooden creature called "dream owl".
Also listed to my shop here.

I also submit to paint party friday

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  1. Niina, I love the colors of winter that you used. Your little bird in the frozen field is beautiful. Have a wonderful winter and happy holidays!

    1. Thank you Lou Anne. Happy holidays for you too :)