maanantai 3. marraskuuta 2014

Minty tea time

Hello blogging friends

I hope you've had great Halloween weekend (those who celebrate it).
We had snow few days ago here in northern Finland but sadly it has melted away by now.
I hope we get snow in December. I didn't have any holiday mood last year since it was raining on Christmas.

I joined this fun art challenge called Teemakuun taidetta
In November challenge is to create 9 still life pieces.

 Here are my first ones.
On left there is one of my snowglobes (with a tiny moomin) and on the right
a candle holder and some orange candles. 
I used wet-on-wet technique.

Creative Tuesday - current challenge is Minty.

Only minty thing that came to my mind was minty tea.
I don't know if you can see it on the pictures but the page with the ink drawing has backround paper painted with minty/spearmint tea left overs.

I am bit tea-obsessed (and cartoon mug obsessed )

Here is a nice "tea" poem I found:

"The first cup moinstens your lips and throat
The second shatters my loneliness
The third causes the wrongs of life fade gently from my recollection
The fourt purifies my soul
The fifth lifts me to the realms of the unwinking gods

- Chinese Mystic

My camera's memorycard was missing whole last week that is why I can post my previous ct - entry just now.

Idea was to create artwork around found object(s) 

Watercolor buttons are simply made for caterpillars and butterfly wings.

 Here without the buttons

I hope to reach 1000 fans on my facebook art page before next year
So if you enjoy my art come for a visit

Love light and inspiration

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  1. These are beautiful illustrations! The blue tones and color wash are beautifully rendered, and I really got a calming sense from your tea illustrations. I actually love mint tea and think it is very soothing, and your work definitely captured that. Fantastically done!

    1. Thank you so much. Minty tea is very soohting (and refreshing) one of my favorites also.

  2. Lovely watery images and the one for the theme is fitting for mint tea. Enjoy! thank you!

  3. Beautiful minty colors and lovely illustrations.

  4. Lisa...these are so darling. I love loose watercolors and you've done an excellent job of illustrations. Love the soft minty colors. Nice to see your sketch pads. Love it.

  5. Love how you actually used the mint tea as a background. Beautiful loose watercolours as well and great idea using the pots in the painting.