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Featured artist of November: Judy Pollard

(c) Judy Pollard

Hello blogging world!

It's time for the featured artist interview of November. This time I was happy to interview doll artist Judy Pollard. As a "fairyperson" I just adore these little creatures she makes.

Tell us about yourself who you are and what kind of artist you are?

Hello there. I am a 41 year old stay at home mom with 4 wonderful boys aged 10,9, 7 and 4. I've always have been fascinated in fantasy. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body. You could say my 4 years old draws better than me. But when my mother passed away 7 years ago, I was looking for some sort of outlet to bring in the sun again to my days.

(c) Judy Pollard

So I started out making soft sculptured dolls but then fell upon these wonderful artists making polymer clay fairies. I was immediately hooked. I would purchase fairies and have such a yearning to try to make my own.

How did you started your artistic hobby/career?

 I started making my own fairies in 2010. My first few fairies were pretty awful but I had such a desire to keep trying. And with lots of trials and errors and many many many hours of practice, I finally reached the look I was looking for. I am self taught and I don't use the correct tools that I'm sure would make a teacher cringe. I use toothpicks, my hands and baby wipes to sculpt each face. Each fairy is always hand sculpted from scratch.

   I hand sculpt with polymer clay. I use headset paints and acrylic paints. The hair varies from Tibetan hair to Teeswater hair.  I like to use ribbons on almost all of my fairies. I like to think it is my trademark. The ribbons are hand dyed from a lovely lady that I purchase them.

(c)Judy Pollard

What are the things that inspire you?
Do you have a message in your art?

      I try to make each fairy have a happy presence about them. These little fairies give me such joy     making them, I want the joy to be felt by each person who may come across one of my fairies. Color is a big inspiration for me. I love color and the more colorful the fairy the happier I tend to find myself with the end results. I use Ribbon on almost all of my fairies. You could say that is one of the characteristics that each fairy has that you would immediately know it's one of my fairies.

 Nature is a big part that inspires me. I tend to do most of my sculpting outside where I can see dragonflys in the summer and listen to the birds at other times of the year. The message in my art that I hope to project is positive vibes, happy feelings and the determination to not be scared to try. Thank you so much for taking a peek into my little world.

(c) Judy Pollard 

(c) Judy Pollard

                                                      Where can we find your works?

                                                      I do sell on my Facebook page

                                                       Thank you Judy for participating
                                                I wish you lot's of success and inspiration

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for featured
artist interview of December

- Niina

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