sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014

Fairies and pumpkins

It's officially autumn since I started to make pumpkin carvings.

This weekend I've been baking pumpkin pie and finished some paintings.

Creative Tuesday - Challenge theme this week is "pumpkin pie"
and Inspiration Avenue is words. 

Lately I've been having some interesting conversations with my friends (from Finland and abroad) about languages and favorite words.

I think my favorite Finnish word is "Auringonkehrä" that means "Sun circle". 
I started a new art journal that you can see above and I wrote some of my favorite words there

Puu - Tree
Aurinko - Sun
Näkinkenkä - Sea shell
Kurpitsa - Pumpkin
Nauru - Laughter
Laulu - Song
Kuutamo - Moon
Pilvi - Cloud

What is your favorite word?

"Four of cups"

I finally got to continue with my Fairy Tarot - deck.

Four of Cups. Shows a waterfairy
Four of cup meanings : finding balance, meditation, self-acceptance
model: Ciara

"The Moon"

Moon tarot card has many meanings such imagination, psychic abilities, divination, intuition,
romance and femininity.

Model: Sini 

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14 kommenttia:

  1. What lovely bold colors. I especially love the picture of your journal on the rocks. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Beth. I love creative art journaling

  2. I think it's so cool that you speak both Finnish and English (and I'm suspecting maybe some other languages too)! Americans are very bad at being bilingual. We all seem to think all you need is English! Just speaking generally, of course. Love your journal pages and also the tarot cards.

    1. Thanks Maggie :) I really like to travel and always enjoy learning new languages. Beside Finnish and English I speak some German, Swedish and little bit French and Hungarian.

  3. Lovely paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

    1. Thank you Annette. Happy PPF for you too :)

  4. Ooh, now if only I could read your art journal words! Pumpkin pie is a good choice and am enjoying those vibrant oranges adn browns. Makes me want to eat a sloce. You could have done any pie actually but well done on getting the pumpkin one done and starting a whole new art journal too.

    Now, umm, favourite word? TEATIME. :) Yes, that can be written as one word ...or two. both are acceptable. :)

    1. Thank you Michael :) teatime is a wonderful word indeed!

  5. LOVELY POST - fabulous artwork!
    xxx Susi

    would be great to meet you there - our current theme is:

    1. Danke schön Susi :) I will take a look on the challenge

  6. I tried to leave a comment the other day, but I don't think it went through? Your sense of color is vibrant in all your paintings, and the "pie" one for C.T. is so fun! The brilliant orange really makes me think of pie, pumpkins, Fall, and East Coast weather. Thank you for your great work and posts!

  7. cute drawing of the pumpkins and pie. I don't really like pumpkin pies but they do remind me of sweet potato pies.

    hope you have a great day.

  8. Am loving your fairy tarot cards. Your pumpkin and pie really pop off your journal page with that strong orange, great work.

  9. Wonderful art! Fairy tarot looks fun. :)