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Dare to call me....

Hello blog world :)

There is a big campaign going on in Finnish social media called "kutsumua" (dare to call me..) against bullying at schools

 It was started by the Finnish college-union.

Idea is to take a picture of yourself and write words to depict :

1.  lockers where bullies try to fit you
2. How you see yourself and how you wish to be seen by others

So this is my "dare to call me.." picture

I've been called:

- f'*****g gay
- loony hippie
- slow
- stupid
- proud
- ugly
- cry baby

I am:


Here is the campaign video:

I was really badly bullied in the elementary school. I consider myself fortunate because I had small circle of friends with me. It would have been very difficult to handle all the bullying if I had been just by myself.

In elementary school I think my biggest problems was that I was very introvert and very scared of performing and I avoided all attention. Quite often people thought I was stupid or slow because my mind wondered a lot and I pretty much drew all the time and didn't always pay attention what was going on at the class or with other students. I was also very sensitive and I easily started to cry when I heard people calling me names or even if I got negative feedback from teachers. That of course gives others impressions of weakness.
It took years to realize that being sensitive can also be a good quality in a person.

I also had habitat to block away all those nasty things people said about me behind my back. In away it was a good thing and helped me to go on.

When I was 15 I started to get panic attacks and pretty much next few years I suffered from deep depression. I had very high fear for socializing and sometimes I was afraid to go to school or even outside.

I no longer suffer from depression but I still can feel anxiety easily. 

Bullying is a huge problem not just with children and youth but also among adults.
I studied on adult education 'till last year and unfortunately saw lots and lots of bullying between adults.

Year ago in May I was almost done with my art and craft instructing studies and I left feedback to the school and wrote about my experiences about the studies and how some of the teachers were very rude to the students. I didn't mention anyone's name and overall my text was very proper.

After I had sent it I was called to speak with the headmaster. She was so incredibly mean, called me names and I got a huge panic attack. I was very shocked by her behavior and next day I sent text to all my fellow students and teachers.

 You know what happened?

Rest of the month most of the teachers started to avoid me and many of my classmates came to tell me how they've had very similar experiences and feelings.

That made me very sad and I left the school because exhaustion and stress  just few weeks before getting the diplomas.

Actually few months after all this happened I contact with a lady that  was one of those girls who bullied me at school all those years ago.
It was good for me to hear all those things what caused her behavior.
I don't know if I can ever forgive but I can try to understand.

Bullying is about fear and jealousy
and it always leaves marks

if not visible then invisible.

If you see bullying or if you get bullied talk about it. 

I accepted all silently as a child but I never do that again.

New art and quite related to everything I just wrote about.
I've had difficult times accepting myself I always tend to find some flaws.

This time I painted my self to my art journal. This will be called "self-portraits as a mermaid". I will post again when it's all colored and done

I rarely paint self-portraits but I thought this might be a good time.

I'll take part on paint party friday
29 Faces art challenge

Feel free to join to the campaign and share your stories. 

Much love and light to all my readers

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  1. Your artwork is wonderful, young lady. I'm so sorry you have been called those things. You are a brave girl. I was bullied in grade school, and it was a terrible experience. I'm so sorry you've had to face this in your life. ((hugs))

    1. Thank you from your lovely comment Beth <3

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with bullying. I am 55 years old and bullying was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I was relentlessly bullied in the fifth grade. No one stopped the bullies. Instead I was the one put on medication. To this day it infuriates me. Why was I put on medication when they were the one's who were behaving badly??? BTW, your art work is terrific. Keep going!

  3. Niina, I admire your bravery in telling your story about bullying. It's such a terrible thing, one of the worst parts about it is it happens to children. All children should be nurtured and encouraged, not threatened and made to feel something is wrong with them. It makes me very angry to think about it. It's good that it is being exposed as the terrible problem that it is. I like the idea behind "kutsumua". Good job in helping to spread the word!!

    1. Thank you Maggie. Bullying is terrible problem indeed this campaign is raising lot's thoughts and conversation and that is a good thing.

  4. Love the sketches. Good job and more importantly, what you are doing is wonderful. Blessings, Janet PPF


    1. Thank you so much Nicole :) and all those apply to you also *hugs*

  6. Kiusaaminen on niin syvältä, niin syvältä, ja vaikka siitä selviäisikin, se jättää kuitenkin jälkensä. Mutta hyvä sinä!!

    Sinä merenneitona, jään odottamaan lisää kuvia!

  7. Fab sketches,Love it.

    XXX Jeannette

  8. I like your selfie and your self portraits as well,I like that line from the taylor swift song,"People throw rocks at things that shine." It's true!