torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Show and tell

"Mist maiden"

Hello blogging friends!!!

I hope you all are doing great. I've been busy with the art exhibition and making new products to my etsy-shop. I shall add pics of my new creations on my next post.

It's show and tell week on Inspiration avenue.  I submit these artworks to Paint Party Friday also.
Above you can see my latest painting called "Mist maiden". She was born from finish mythology.
"Utuneito" (mist maiden) is a ghostly character that lives in the ponds and lakes. On misty days you can see her dancing and singing above the water.

I love how the painting came out. Lately I've been doing lot's of paintings with wet-on-wet technique.

"Far far away"

This unicorn I created just for the art exhibition. Title comes from a Blackmore's Night song "Far far away".

"M is for Mahandra"

Last but not least my newest addition to my Fairy-Monogramm - series. 
M is for Mahandra.

I'm working with N right now :) Soon they are all done wohoo!! and I can start a new project :)))

It's international Pride-week this week!!

I just saw "Some like it hot" again :)
Do you remember these lines from the fabulous film?

"Osgood! We can't get married at all"
"Why not?"
"Well.. in a first place I'm not a natural blonde"

"It doesn't matter"

"I smoke I smoke all the time"
"I don't care"
"I have a terrible past. For three years I've been living with a saxophone player"
"I forgive you"
"I can never have children"
"We can adopt some"
"You don't understand Osgood... I'm a man"
"Well ... nobody's perfect"

-Some like it hot

Gay Marriages aren't still allowed in Finland (we are so behind from all the rest of Scandinavian countries)

but I believe that things are going to change soon.

Much love and light

12 kommenttia:

  1. Love your art and Some Like it Hot is perfect!

  2. Very pretty watercoloring. I especially like your wet on wet technique.

  3. beautiful paintings-I love the tale of the misty fairy!

  4. Your wet on wet paintings are beautiful. The mermaid has evolved so well.
    Have a great week

  5. Beautiful! Your "mist maiden" is my favorite - I love how fluid it is! Happy PPF!

  6. aaahhh such wonderful fantasy. I too think you Mist Maiden is beautiful

  7. Love all 3 paintings - but the mist maiden is just gorgeous!

  8. I absolutely love your mist maiden! I'm surprised that Finland doesn't allow gay marriage. I always think other countries are so much more progressive than the U.S.

    1. Thank you Lou Anne. There is government voting coming about the gay-marriages in autumn. Fingers crossed it goes trough :)