keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2014

Moonbird and the sundoll - my new art exhibition

"Moonbird/ silver moon berries" (c) Niina Niskanen

Hello Blogging friends!!

What a busy time I've had lately. Last week my old schoolmate Katri asked if I'd like to keep an art exhibition in her new handcraft shop. Of course I said yes. 

So on tuesday we made the agreement. On Wednesday and Thursday I was searching frames and created few new paintings. On Friday I was hammering  nails to the walls and on Sunday pretty much everything was on it's place.

Monday (two days ago as I'm writing this) was the opening.

Fastest art exhibition building process I've ever been in.

Exhibition takes place in an old fisher hut in the pier of Oulu just next to the market place.

I have 15 original paintings on sale plus postcards, prints and jewelries made from my artworks. 

"Moonbird and the sundoll"
(c) Niina Niskanen

My exhibition is upstairs. Downstairs Katri has her lovely Venka&Vinka shop. She makes all kinds of accesories from bottleclips and from old bikewheel rubber (very enviroment friendly). 
In upstairs there is also lovely woodworks from woodsoul. 

My artworks are in good company. 
Exhibition lasts 'till July 30th

Since I was so unsuspected to all this to happen I had to come up with exhibition theme quick.
Since many of my artworks are quite narrative and peoples mind get sometimes lost when they look at them (in a good way)  I started to think finish myths about forest blanket. 
It's a state you might end up if you walk in a familiar forest suddenly forest might turn completely strange. You can see mermaids in the ponds, berries are silvery and there is sun that looks like a nesting doll :)

I thought the idea was fun. 

Here is my "Forest blanket" -painting on progress. Completed wet-on-wet.

And then on the wall. The one on the right was one of the mountain paintings I did last year on my trip to Croatia :)

I link these to Paint Party Friday
and to the inspiration avenue - where this week's theme is Juicy and my "Moonbird and the sundoll" painting has some veeery juicy colors + I'm on a fruit diet (meaning that whenever I want chocolate or icecream this summer I force myself to eat only fruits....(but I've given myself to eat ice cream if temperature goes to  +30 celsius)

8 kommenttia:

  1. Your little bird is gorgeous and it looks like you have many nice and bright things to show at your show. I hope it goes well for you :)

  2. Good luck with the exhibition, luv sun doll and moon bird, have a nicecFriday

    Much love...

  3. This is beautiful. I love the vibrant colours.

  4. That seems like a wonderful place to have an exhibition! I wish I could visit. I love the juicy colors and the moon bird is eating some juicy looking berries as well. I hope you have a lot of success with sales of your beautiful art!

    1. Thank you Lou Anne :) I wish you could visit too. Well.. good that we have these interactive ways to show our artworks.