sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Sand in my toes

Hello blogging friends!!

Yesterday I had great time on the beach.
Lately when I've been cycling all over city and towns I always look for water. Whether it is lakes, seas or streams. There is something very soothing.

Sand in my toes... not so much on my sketchbook :)

Little doodling I did inspired by Inspiration avenue theme "Birds and flowers".
I added some floral stamps to this drawing also :) (click image to make it larger).

I have some brand new prints added to my Etsy-shop.

Today I woke up on a heavy rain. 
My "Rain dance" illustration is quite fitting.

Here is "Dragon's visit". I painted this one for my illustration portfolio. It was originally inspired by one of master Tolkien's poems.

The dragon lay on the cherry trees
a-simmering and a-dreaming:
Green was he, and the blossom white,
and the yellow sun gleaming.
He came from the land of Finis-Terre,
where dragons live, and the moon shines
on high white fountains.
- J.R.R.Tolkien

I submit these to Paint party friday :)

Love and light

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  1. Wow all of these pieces are really wonderful. I love the water dance. Well done.