sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Painting Stones

Hello blogging friends!

Long time no see. I have a good reason for it. Unfortunately  my computer crashed in the end of april. Thank goddess I was able to save all my imagefiles (wooh).

I've found a new painting flatform... stones :) It's so much fun. Takes time and patient. I'm usually very fast with watercolors but painting on canvas with acrylics or on a small surface takes a long time for me.

Inspiration avenue this week challenge is to create "Eye glasses" art.

My little stone owl fits well :)

I have more my stone paintings coming. I finnish them all with vernish so it takes some time to dry.

I also managed to finnish painting for enchanted vision's theme "illumination"

Here is my mermaid with some illuminating water fairies:)

I'll submit these to paint party friday also and now Im off to visit your blogs!

Have a great coming week

2 kommenttia:

  1. Stones and rocks are so much fun to paint. I really like your owl.

  2. love your fun owl and your beautiful mermaid painting. Happy PPF, Annette x