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Featured artist of May: Janna Prosvirina

"Topaz" by Janna Prosvirina

Hello blogging friends! 
It's time for featured fantasy artist of may.

Janna Prosvirina

This time I'm featuring extremely talented artist friend Janna Prosvirina. I came across Janna's artworks in deviant art years ago and I adore her beautiful and whimsical painting style. Whenever I see her paintings art within them touches me. It can be joy, sadness or wonder.

"Black swan" by Janna Prosvirina

Please introduce yourself. Who you are and what kind of artist you are?

My name is Janna Prosvirina. I am self-taught traditional artist based in Austria, Europe. Although, watercolor is absolutely my favorite medium, I enjoy using acrylic and colored pencils for some of my projects or mix different media.

How did you started your artistic career/hobby? What are your artistic dreams?

I have been creative since very young age. Unfortunately, my parents have never supported my hobbies and I never got any formal education at arts. I almost gave up painting in my early twenties while I was attending University but I got back to it after meeting a person who convinced me to start over again. My dream is to develop my talents and become as good as possible at what I enjoy doing most.

"Mischief" by Janna Prosvirina

What are the things that inspire you to create? and do you have a message in your art?

Nature is the main source of inspiration for me. Nothing can inspire me more than a day spent somewhere in the woods or walking a mountain path. I am blessed by living close to it.
I think every piece of art has a message of it's own. Some of my pieces are more personal, they tell a story while others are "empty". I try not to speak much about it when I post my artwork online though. A viewer mostly sees in an artwork something else then an artist tried to imply. I am happy when my message was understood but I have no problem if it was not.

Any advises and tips for starting artists?

It might appear hard and frustrating at the beginning but never give up and keep on practicing. Feel inspired by other artists. I don't mean by this copying artworks of others. Search for elements you like and develop your own. Turn to other artists for advice most of them would gladly help you. Read as much tutorials as possible. Attend art lessons if you have a chance to do it. Use art reference (stock images) and join a supportive art community.

"Fields of summer" by Janna Prosvirina

Where can we find your works?

"Faerie" by Janna Prosvirina

Thank you so much Janna for letting us see your beautiful artworks and all your helpful tips. I wish you lot's of success (special thanks for all the art trades. I have your bookmarks all over my fantasy books :)

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See you next time
Love and light

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