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Featured artist of march: Gabriella Szabo

Hello fellow bloggers and arty people!

Im going to start a new line of monthly interviews here in my blog.
 I think inspiration is something everybody needs especially if you work with art or if art is your favorite hobby or like me you are an "art-oholic" (Im Niina and Im an art-oholic" meaning that no days goes buy without me doodling to my sketchbook).

Inspiration is something that doesn't always come easy. Last weekend I spent lots of time watching illustrating videos on YouTube. Something that Illustrator Will Terry said stucked to my head. He said "students learn from other students".

You know that is very true. Fellow students help you to grow as an artist. You might get good tips, you can get inspired from the work of others.

I really hope this "monthly artist feature" helps you to get inspired also.

First featured artist is Gabriella Szabo.

I've been a fan of Gabriella's art eversince I saw her artworks on etsy and Facebook. I just adore her whimsical style. Everytime I see her artworks I wish I could step in to the painting and play with the fairies and smell the flowers.

Don't you?

Please introduce yourself. Who you are and what kind of artist you are?
My name is Gabriella Szabo, I’m a Hungarian born fairy artist from Dublin, Ireland.
I moved to the land of Fairies in 2006, when I was 38.
I used to work at the Budapest airport, and after 16 years as a uniform, I realized that being an immigration officer wasn’t my dream at all J
I found my partner here in Dublin, and I feel very lucky, because he’s extremely supportive, and he helps me in everything related my career/hobby, like making frames for my paintings or carrying me to fairs and markets, or even giving me critics - just a tiny bit J of course, but he’s usually right.
                      How did you start your artist career/hobby? What are your artistic dreams?

.I used to draw as a kid, loved to create portraits of famous actors. In fact my first drawing at a primary school exhibition was stolen. I should have been flattered by the fact, that my art was good enough for a theft, I guessJ

I started my artistic path about 18 years ago with landscapes and still lives, that my colleagues commissioned me with. The Fairy people came a bit later, when I landed in my chosen home.

              What are the things that inspire you to create? and do you have a message in your art? 

My inspiration comes from nature that surrounds us. We’re lucky enough that Spring has sprung already here in Ireland. Spring gives me zillions of ideas to put on canvas. If I just had more time J … I also love to be by the sea to gather inspiration. She gives me a big boost of positive energy. I could walk forever in unspoiled wild woods or a meadow filled with wild flowers. I don’t really like man-made parks, and if it was for me, I would never cut the grass or clip the hedge in the garden.
My message is to stop littering, if you don’t want to mess with the fairies. They DO have their ego, just like us, and it’s their home that some of us neglect. They are angels, too, angels of Mother Nature, so we should show some respect J
Try to go green - if you can.


Any advices and tips for starting artists?

Follow your dreams, and never give up! The internet is great place for making the first step. I know all the fairy folk from Facebook. Start to connect them today, and they will spread the word for you.
Set up your own website, there are pretty affordable pages where you can create your own J

                                                Where can we find your works?

                                        For more information and more fairies visit:
                               You can connect me on my Facebook page as well

            Thank you very much Gabriella for letting us to have a peek at your magical world. It's            beautiful and so are the fairies. I totally agree them being the nature's Angels. I hope you lot's of success and creativity. Köszönöm :)

                                                     I wish lot's of inspiration and beautiful
                                                        spring days to all my readers.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this interview! wow, what lovely fairies! I've also always drawn, and sometimes drew paperdolls and printed them up, several were fairies!
    I look forward to meeting more artists in this series!

    1. It's my pleasure Dia. I'm glad you enjoy the first part of the series (more to come). I love fairies. I have a big collection; fairystatues, fairyart, fairyclothes..I even named my blog after fairies :) Blessings -Niina