lauantai 22. maaliskuuta 2014

Call for the inner child

Hello Blogging friends!

Greetings from snowy Finland. It's the weekend of Spring Equinox and quite dark and cold here.

Darkness can fade away since I have new (and veeeery old) art to show you!

Inspiration avenue this week challenge is "inner child art".

My artwork isn't really done By using "child methods" meaning just drawing without thinking. I usually use that method especially when painting mandalas or backrounds but now I just didn't feel like it and as children do I followed my emotions.

I did paint a little fed up boy.
He came out so cute so I think I can share him with you.

"Not in the mood for homework"

Funniest thing happened last weekend. I found the most gorgeus artwork.

I drew/painted this handsome cat at the age of 9!

You can see my affection to bold colors began at very early age.

This is so inspiring I have to create some more cat art with this style.

I think I've used crayons, watercolors and drawing cole! what a mixture:)

Since we are going back in the past. Here is a photo I  found.
I think Im 11 years old here and that's my baby kitten Pumpuli Im holding.

Pumpuli passed away last september in the age 14. She is my  little angel cat now.

I link these artworks to paint party friday also.

Thank you for all your comments
and visits

Love and light

6 kommenttia:

  1. Hauska tuo pojan ilme, ei ihme, ettei läksyt kiinnosta, tuo kirjapino on liian korkea!
    Kissassa on todellakin mahtava värimaailma, tykkään.

  2. Ooh, Nina, I love then all! So Swéét to see you with your kitten (now angel) I just joined PPF, and am enjoying looking around.
    My 9 year old granddaughter Has been painting with me recently, and all my granddarlings enjoy creating!
    I must go peek at your fairies!

    1. Nice to meet you Dia. I hope you enjoy browsing all the talented ppf artists. Chilren are very creative. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Hi Niina,

    Love your kitty cat art from the past, you should make more of them. So nice to see you as a little girl with your pet Pumpuli, she was precious and I adore her name.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Annabelle m..m

  4. He looks fed up, indeed! And Love his glasses.

    Wow, you drew that kitty at 9! *sigh* nothing but stick figures for me.

    Great pic of you and your cat way back in the days. ;-)

  5. Niina that purple cat is absolutely adorable! I love how when we are young we just paint a cat purple and do not think anything of it, but when we get older we become more hestitant to use bold colors. I say be bold! I love your little boy too who does not want to do his homework. Happy PPF!