sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2014

Around the world

Winter is back after rainy december! Hurrayy!!

"Colors of India"

Depressive weather made me think of summer and exotic places.

It was my turn to host inspration avenue challenge.

Theme this week is "Around the world"

It was inspired By Jules Verne's famous book "Around the world in eighty days" which is one of my favorite books of all time.

I've travelled quite a lot in Europe. Thanks from it goes to my mom who loves travelling. So I caught "travelbug" in very early age.

So far I've visited 25 countries in Europe.

I've never visited outside Europe but I hope to do that someday.
I want to visit India, Africa, Japan, Florida (Disneyworld yeiii!) and so many places.

I guess that's why I painted couple of Indian Tigers with indian patterns and colors.
There is something there that facinates me.

I did a little "around the world" extra challenge for myself. You can enter also if you want to:)

First I cut random words : animals, objects, food, countries (for example cat, siccors, Germany)

I mixed them up

Then picked three random words

and created little pieces of art.

Greece, Dog and Umbrella

This was funny.

Words were: Teddy Bear, Finland and Boots

of course it started to snow right after I had finished the painting. Go me!

Let me know if you want to play this "extra game" and I give some words for you too.

Happy Creating

11 kommenttia:

  1. Love the patterned tigers, wonderful idea and looks so good! Three words illustrations are cute!

  2. I like your beautiful batik pattern tigers wonderful colors of India.

    1. Thank you Deann. Patterns were fun to paint.

  3. I also liked your tigers! May be I can try to draw something too? Can you give some words to me? before I draw a little bit

    1. Your words are: Norway, Cat and Balloon. I'll look forward to see what you come up with them

  4. Niina, I am stumped for an idea for this week's challenge. Maybe there are too many places I want to go! If you have time, can you pick three words for me? Thank you!!!

    I love your tigers, and the paintings you created with the words!

    1. Hello Maggie:)

      I picked you words: Egypt, Bird and Stripes and remember you don't have to use all of them just those that inspire you.

  5. Beautiful tigers and pattern! Ihave the same problem than Maggie, too many places I want to go! So I would like to play with three words please!

    1. Hello Karine

      I picked you words: Africa, Tiger and Crown and remember you don't have to use all of them just those that inspire you.