torstai 5. joulukuuta 2013

Painting Mountains

This is funny. First I started to upload something else but then I changed my mind. 
Above you can see some imaginary mountains I painted at art class when I was 17.

These mountains I painted this September on my journey in Croatia. I think they are magnificent and these aren't imaginary. I had very solid models.

One of my favorite artjournalist Jenniebellie did an interview of me to her famous "tell it all tuesdays".
It was so much fun! you can read it here:

Thank you Jenny!

I submit my mountain artworks to paint party friday

Today Finland is celebrating it's 96th independence day. So I share my favorite "Finland" song with you.
(Suomi means Finland in finish)

Alexander Rybak : Suomi

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10 kommenttia:

  1. smashing watercolours Niina. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. If you like Alexander Rybak,so you probably know that soon he will perform in Finland. Check out our fb fanpage to get more info about it.Greetings

  3. Nice to met you Niina and thx for stopping by my blog. I think your mountains are wonderful and the voice on this young man is wonderful. Thank you.

  4. love the flow and soft colors in your paintings!

  5. Stunning colours and beautiful landscape :)

  6. Wow Niina these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the song too.

  7. Niina, such beautiful colors in your watercolor paintings. They reflect these mountains very well.
    Thank you for sharing the song about Finland with us. A very close friend of my daughter is half Finnish, and her sister currently studies there. Through her mom I got a bit closer to your homeland.

    1. Thank you from your sweet comment Carola:) Im happy you enjoy my watercolor artworks and the song.