torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013

I just love art journaling

Good morning world:)

At this moment I have two A3 sized art journals. Above you can see one where I made a mandala for a cover. There is also a quote from  one of my favorite book "the alchemist".
There reads: "the secret of life is to fall down seven times and to rise up eight times"

I think it's very true and inspirational. Whenever you meet an obstickle it's possible to defead it.

(click image to make it larger)

One of my latest pages called "Autumne". Inspired by all the autumn colors. Perhaps she is a season goddess  making all the colors. Who knows..

(click image to make it larger).

This one I like a lot. It's a page called "Music and the movement". I found a photo from proschure. It showed almost "animalistic" and wild and free dance. I tought it was mezmerising and wanted to capture the movement so you can almost feel the music.

Inspiration avenue theme this week is "graditude" (and thanksgiving for the americans). Im grateful from many things (not any particular order) creativity, cat friends, friends, family, penpals, blog friends, art, seasons, and at this moment Im very happy that holidays are approaching. In Finland it's the darkest time fo the year but I find it very soothing to light up candles and put up decorations that have been around since my childhood.

Also submit these to:

Im off to little vacation next week but I'll try to squeeze a blog post or two:)

See you next time

13 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful artwork again, love your journal cover and the quote you have used. Valerie

  2. amazing quote - ove this! beautiful pieces! Happy PPF !

  3. Such beautiful work, I love them all. The Alchemist is a wonderful, inspiring book I read it not so long ago :)

    1. Thank you. Alchemist is a very wise book. I read it for the first time this summer and it has become one of my favorites.

  4. How wonderful! I really love the page with the birds and the leaves. So pretty!

  5. love the quote. Beautiful pages-I love the idea of a season goddess! Your pages certainly are shining a light on your dark wintry days.

  6. Great original pieces, I too like the music and movement piece, it does have loads of energy, something we all need in these dark months! I love your gratitude list..three cheers for cat friends!! Wouldn't be without them. :) Happy ppf

  7. There's such joy in your art - it's a complete pleasure to look at! I adore the colours in the leaves and birds - it's so pretty! Best wishes - Shroo:)xxx

  8. Lovely artwork and a great quote! I think the colors you chose are stunning!