tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

Creative tuesday challenge: TEA Time

Hello world!

There you can see my entry for latest creative tuesday. Theme is TEA. Very nice theme for a tea-addict as myself. I also include this for inspiration avenue theme that is FALL COLORS yellow,orange and brown (and blue also in this case).

Here is my latest fantasyart. For a long time I wanted to paint a dryad and here she is. Her expression became a bit sad. I made up a story for it. She was a waitress in a party of a forest king and evil witch of the forest turned all people into dryads that is why she is holding a tray. I just read the hobbit again. I guess that's why I tought party of the forest king. I wonder do they put that part to the up-coming film...hmmm.

This one I started already this sprin. It's called "new beginnings" inspired by chinese new year celebration. Very soft pastel colors.

Colorful and inspirational autumn days


10 kommenttia:

  1. lovely teatime piece! And the other paintings are pretty!

  2. Your artwork is whimsical and charming I adore your Autumn tea.

  3. Interesting storey about Your Dryart and wonderful paintings.
    Have a nice autumn :-)

  4. SUper cute tea set Nina :o)
    (Visiting from Creative Tuesdays)

  5. Your Fall image is perfect............love what you created!

  6. Lovely tea piece here , niina. Thank you for playing along. Thakn you for adding your imagination to our co-op. I hope you;ll stay in touch.

  7. I like all your paintings, especially the beautiful Chinese lady. Blessings!

  8. Autumn is a great time for having tea indoors......and looking out at the beautiful colours. Love your dryad!

    Happy weekend,

  9. I like your little dryad, she looks sweet.