torstai 15. elokuuta 2013

Looking for models for my fairy- tarotdeck!

"Ace of cups"

Morning world!

Im making a fairy tarot-deck. Including all the 78 cards major and minor arcana. Elemets: wands, swords, cups and pentackles.

Now  Im looking for models. If you are intrested e-mail me to with clear images of you and your contacts.

I shall give original painting to the model (or we can do a swap) and possibly print postcards of the fairies. So just bravely contact me if you are intrested.

These are now on my workdesk. Here is "Ace of swords"

Here is "two of swords"

These fairies are my entry for this week's Paint party friday

Update 30.1.2014

Major Arcana is full filling. There is still lot's of space for Minor Arcana if somebody wants to model. I only need a clear photo for that.  Im now looking especially for male models. I've only had few males (more ladies and children). Please contactme if intrested.

If there is ideas where I could ask for a Publisher let me know. Can be outside Finland. In the end what comes to "spiritual publishing" this is quite a small country.

 and Light


10 kommenttia:

  1. Oletkin ottanut kunnon haasteen :-o Hienosti alkaa ja kokoelmasta tulee oikein aarre. Ja käyttöönkin tietenkin. Tarot-kortit kiinnostavat minua, mutta tunnen niitä liian vähän.

    1. Täytyypä postailla vähän tarot- tietoutta seuraavan kerran. Sitä on suomeksi aika vähän nettimaailmassa:) Kiitos kommentista ainakin alku sujuu hyvin toivottavasti vain paranee loppua kohti.

  2. 78 cards! Wow, that's a lot. I hate modelling, even for photos, but i'm sure you'll find enough people who want to be painted ....

  3. Thank you for the comment Denthe. I've got quite many models already which Im happy.

  4. Beautiful colors. I can't imagine doing 78 cards. Good luck.

  5. Awesome project, love the first one! <3 Tykkään tosi paljon ideasta, ensimmäinen näyttää ihanalta! <3

  6. Wonderful idea. your paintings will make a beautiful Tarot deck:) HPPF

  7. Wonderful huge challenge. Look toward to seeing them all! Enjoy the ride!

  8. Ryhdynkin seuraamaan, kuinka projektisi etenee. Varmaan aikaa vievä.Hieno alku ainakin on!