torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Illustration friday: Liquid

I just (maybe 10 minutes ago) finished this painting I went on-line and saw that illustration friday theme is "liquid".

Im making serier with four elements and basicly researching elemental mythology.

Water is the element of emotions and feelings. I've had very emotional and quit difficult week so painting this "Mandala" was very purifying. Here is a poem I wrote for it.

My may

My may was full of water
it didn't rain outside
It's a flood inside me

All my feelings in the water
Hate in the waves
Love in the storms

If the rainshowers of june
would leave only spots of water
Spots with joy

And I can be me again
walk barefeet in the watery grass
and laugh again

2 kommenttia:

  1. Love the blues, love the feeling of this! <3

  2. Kiitos kommentista:) Kaikki neljä elementti mandalaa löytyvät nyt suomenkielisestä blogistani