lauantai 13. huhtikuuta 2013

Illustration friday: wild

Good evening world:)

Spring always goes so fast.. at least in my case. It's april already and soon it will be summer.
I've never been much of a spring person. That's due  the fact that here in Finland spring usually starts in may when all the snow is (hopefully) gone.

I had lovely easter. How was your easter?

I spent easter holiday in Hungary with my sister. It was nice to visit there again. It was 3rd time for me. Beside my human friends I met some of my animal friends too.

Here is me with my pal Káro. I was so happy to meet her again.

I really like countries where people don't judge you since you can't make any coffee.

Budapest = city of teahouses.

That's from my trip.. I have more pictures in my finnish blog if someone wants to take a look

Illustration friday subject this time is WILD

Model of the circus host is from deviantart Ida´s

I really like her stock and I wanted to use it.

Circus host and her wild wild animal gameplayer friends

Now someone might say they are not wild since they are in the circus but I believe every animal no matter how much spent with humans has a wild side... some more than others.

I liked the idea of circus animals playing cards with the host and I have no idea who is winning (and who is cheating).

Medium: watercolor, ink and splashes of acrylics
(c) Niina Niskanen 2013

Thank you for looking and I appreciate your feedback

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  1. Very cute, it looks like something I would have had in my room when I was young!

    1. Thank you Tony. Circus art never goes out of fashion.