perjantai 26. huhtikuuta 2013

Earth Element

                   Earth Elemental

Kiss the earth

Walk and touch peace every moment
Walk and touch happiness every moment
Each step brings a fresh breeze
Each step makes a flower bloom
Kiss the earth with your feet
Bring the earth your love and happiness
The earth will be safe
When we feel safe in ourselves

- Thich Nhat Hahn

sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2013

Creative tuesdays: striped

 Good morning world:)

I'm off to work soon but before that I share my latest painting inspired by creative tuesday challenge. This time theme is "striped".

                                                             "Circus of shadows"

I'll stay with the circus theme (look at my previous post). This one has haunted circus. I think I have a slight spring depression and that is why I have a demonic art season.

Don't worry it will pass as soon as all the black snow melts away. Have you ever seen such striped bat wings?


lauantai 13. huhtikuuta 2013

Illustration friday: wild

Good evening world:)

Spring always goes so fast.. at least in my case. It's april already and soon it will be summer.
I've never been much of a spring person. That's due  the fact that here in Finland spring usually starts in may when all the snow is (hopefully) gone.

I had lovely easter. How was your easter?

I spent easter holiday in Hungary with my sister. It was nice to visit there again. It was 3rd time for me. Beside my human friends I met some of my animal friends too.

Here is me with my pal Káro. I was so happy to meet her again.

I really like countries where people don't judge you since you can't make any coffee.

Budapest = city of teahouses.

That's from my trip.. I have more pictures in my finnish blog if someone wants to take a look

Illustration friday subject this time is WILD

Model of the circus host is from deviantart Ida´s

I really like her stock and I wanted to use it.

Circus host and her wild wild animal gameplayer friends

Now someone might say they are not wild since they are in the circus but I believe every animal no matter how much spent with humans has a wild side... some more than others.

I liked the idea of circus animals playing cards with the host and I have no idea who is winning (and who is cheating).

Medium: watercolor, ink and splashes of acrylics
(c) Niina Niskanen 2013

Thank you for looking and I appreciate your feedback