lauantai 26. tammikuuta 2013

Creative tuesday Lighthouse

Hello World!

I just love to start blogposts like that. Once again I took part on creative tuesday. This time theme is "lighthouse".  Above you can see my lighthouse painting. Medium watercolors.

Lighthouses are very pretty. I've only been to few. This two pictures are from Hailuoto. It's an island in near coast in Finland. There is this lovely lighthouse and a little fisher village. We took a walk to the top.. so many stairs. Lighthouse guardians must have been in good shape back then:)

Fisher village has beautiful athmosphere and Hailuoto itself is amazing to visit.

Continuing my fairies. Flower fairies are of course the most known fairies and I realized if Im a fairyartist why I haven't painted flowerfairies? Now I started first is the "Marygold Fairy". Model is a friend of mine who love flowers, fairies and gardening.

Last Halloween I had swap with a blogfriend Mina from green witch with sprinkles blog.
She was very sweet and sent me fabrics to my quiltworks. They are gorgeous!

I also got a new wand and such pretty butterfly necklace.
Thank you Mina:)

This is 81:th post. When I get to 100:th I think I have a giveaway. Would a comission painting be a good price?

Thank you for visiting
Love and fairydust

9 kommenttia:

  1. Love your graphic lighthouse Niina, with the wheel, key and compass. This would make a fabulous poster for a seaside town.

  2. Your painting is so very exciting. I love the colors and the movement.

  3. This is a beautiful lighthouse interpretation Niina, I love it.

  4. wonderful rendition of the lighthouse. I like the touch of red stripes. strangely enough, that first shot of the light with the red top was one of the photos I saw when I research lighthouse designs.

    thanks for your visit. hope you have a sweet day.

  5. beautiful lighthouse! also really love the wheel

  6. Niina, I like the airyness of this and how the ship's wheel is with the lighthouse--both used for guiding us in the right direction in their own ways. TY. I enjoyed reading this too.

  7. Wow! The lighthouse is really well-rendered, and the colors are great. I really enjoyed looking at all of these. The fairy in prayer and surrounded by green and butterflies was also beautiful and soothing. Pretty and delicate work <3

  8. love the liveliness to your piece, really enjoyed the write up as well. Very nicely done. Thanks

  9. Your lighthouse is absolutely gorgeous Niina! I love your charming flower fairy and am so happy you enjoyed the Halloween gifts. I am gathering your (very late) Christmas items now (maybe they will be for spring instead) and have made a list of things I need to post on my blog with the beautiful items you sent me included. Hugs, Mina