perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2012

wicked witches

Hello there! I tought it was about time for me to take part on Magalys blog party.

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but I've been having some computer problems.

Theme is very intresting. Different ways to portrait witches.. stereotypes and none stereotypes.
I consider myself veery colorful fairywitch. So my paintings are usually very colorfull fairies.. somethimes I get to darker moods (usually on october hhaahaa:)
And then I paint with darker themes.

But first we go against the stereotype
One of my favorite paintings (scrappy photo sorry) "On her way to autumn Avalon". I was reading the mists of avalon" while painting this one and listening blackmore's night song "avalon". My story behind it is that this maiden is going to be priestess and she is on her way to ritual:)

And here is my Ostara themed painting. Again with a beautiful maiden  chatting with a hare.

This one goes more to dark and bloody:) I love painting fantasy portraits. This one goes exactly to the model who happends to like it when it's "dark, bloody and sexy".

Here is my Samhain witch. Isn't she pretty:)

I can't really find a mean witch from my galleries:) But this one is bit more traditional. Old lady with pointy hat, house full with cats and pumpkins:) Gosh.. I miss autumn..

I hope you enjoyed my witchy paintings.


maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

illustration friday: vocal

Hello there! My this week entry to IF is also an illustration practise.

My sister and I have been writing a book about an elf called Jape. In Finland there are many elves (known here as Tonttu).  This one is an sauna elf.

My sister has written the stories and I do the illustrations.
I made a bookmark with Jape. Here he is watching birds flying to south. And of course birds sing...and are vocal creatures.

Elves are very special in Finland. They guide old buildings, saunas, stables..ect. And these days many of them live in north with father christmas. 

I hope you like it
Many greetings