keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2012

Frosty winternights

Good morning world:)
I hope your christmas has went well. I got so many things, cards and ate too much food (and I hate new year diets).
Picture above I took at christmaseve. We had -20 celsius and it was very misty outside as you can see.
I found my boy Noki peeking.
and my baby girl Pumpuli was guarding our presents (well. not really a baby she is 13 years old).
Among others I made some candles as gift. The mass looks like caramellsprinkles...
November was "not so much painting" month for me. Above you can see my "earthkeeper dragon" I painted him on august already but I just got him scanned.
Was any of you scared of mayan prophesy? My dragon holding the globewould fit for it. End of the day 21.12.12 I was playing card with my sister at a railwaystation (and drunk men walk by us and wished merry christmas... crazy world).
Here is my lates artwork "three wishes". I wanted to paint my genie with some vintagelook.
Im gonna try to make sepia-version from this with photoshop. "Three wishes" is my this week entry for illustrationfriday. Theme is "glow".
Thank you for visiting
Wish you beautiful 2013
Love and light

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