maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012

Trees, dragons and fairies (of course)

Hello Everyone! I hope you've had a creative beginning of the week.
I've got some hectic time at school lately but gladly I still find the time to paint.
I took part to creative every day - challenge. I started to draw  my dragon baby for the september theme that is "Time". Sadly I didn't quite finnish it. It still fits to the new theme and that is "Trees".

So my dragon baby goes for the both themes. Time comes for the birth and death..
Since I don't have children of my own I decided to paint my very own dragon baby.
Gosh isn't he cute:) (alltouh Im nor really shore is it he or she).

Maybe in the future I paint him growing up and in the end he will be very old dragon with perhaps little dragongranchildren around him..Time goes by.

As for the trees since it's autumn almost all of my paitings has leaves, trees and foliage:)
I love the colors and scents of this season.

Last weekend was a sketchweekend.
Here is my coming painting for the creative tuesday.

She plays for the waves...

And I can't wait to get this one finished..
Fairy surrounded by golden leaves autumn miracle.

Here's the detail

Thank you so much for visiting my blog
you all inspire me


2 kommenttia:

  1. These are wonderful! My favorite is the fairy surrounded by golden leaves!

  2. I am in love with your sweet baby dragon. Hugs to you.