sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

Creative tuesday break new ground

Hello to all!

It's such a beutiful autumn here in northern Finland. Air is rainy and crisp.
Weekends are dedicated for painting.

Once again I took part on creative tuesday. New theme is "break new ground".
I had an idea a bit more gothic fairy so that's how she looks like.

"She plays for the waves" is the title. Perhaps she plays for those who live under the waves.
Painted with watercolors and acrylics.

I love this one. "Golden leaves" finally finished. About time to paint an autumn fairy with
striped stockins.
Watercolor and hints of acrylics.

I went trough my papers and found some woodblock prints and engraved prints
I used do back in artschool 2009 - 2010. I put some card stocks behind them and decided to put some
to my etsy-shop. These are all unique with small number of prints.

Thank you for visiting
harvest blessings (whoo halloween is here soon!)


8 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds like fall is definitely in the air for you. That's great. I like your fairies. love the first one's dress....and the second has a great thoughtful pose going one!

  2. I guess faries are ground breaker too. Very lovey drawing. So much expressions and feeling in each one. Nice job.

  3. Love your violin playing fairy who looks like she has a attitude. Also love the effect you have caught in the sky.

  4. I love your pieces!! Particularly fond of the violin playing fairy, reminds me of my youth as a fiddler :D

  5. Great pieces, love the top fairies dress and the socks and wings on the second. Great prints too!

  6. TY for your contribution--very well rendered! And an intersting interpretation--the waves crashing nd breaking the ground to song I suppose.

    Finland?! Beautiful. :)

  7. Your work is so beautiful Niina!