sunnuntai 2. syyskuuta 2012

Contest resolts

Hello everyone:)

First of all I wish to thank all of you who entered by contest. It was very helpful since I wish to know what images are most popular.

Here are the resolts:

"Elf can't sleep"
Elf can't sleep - came first. This one I painted few years ago as a chirstmas gift for my
sister. Rumer says it inspired her to write a story from an elf (which Im currently illustrating).
Image itself is based on a finnish christmas carol called "tonttu" (elf).
Starcats- came in second. Cats singing carols:) Who wouldn't love that.
(Can you see my two cats singing too, here is a hint: other one is black and other one is white)
From all the "non-holiday images" Shona came first.
"Shona" is one of my oldest paintings (that I've wanted to keep). I think I painted this watercolor mermaid during 2005- 2006). It was inspired by one of my all time favorite book serier. Liz Kessler's  "the tail of Emily Windsnap" and all the Emily Windsnap books. Of course this book serier tells about mermaids and one of the mermaids is called "Shona". In the books Shona has green tail.. but I took artistic liberties:)
Meaning that "Elf can't sleep" , "Starcats" and "Shona" shall be printed as postcards. If things go well I shall turn other my paintings as postcards also.
Mina, Janna, Sanna, Riikka, Salla, Jaana and Cathy.. You'll all get suprises from me during coming winter/spring:)
Stay tuned...

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oh Niina, I didn't realize that two of those beautiful starcats were your very own. Balck and white cats are so full of fairy magic, aren't they? ;-)

    Honey, you don't have to give me any kind of surprise. It was a pleasure to browse your shop. Hugs, Mina

    1. Hahha Mina:) I send your suprises together with the autumn swap:)

      Yes black and white cats are full with magic:)