sunnuntai 26. elokuuta 2012


Time for some new art  yeeiíi!

I took part on creative tuesday. This time the theme is "curls". Since it didn't needed to be curls in hair I tought I would paint a fairygirl into a swirly and curly nature swing.

Stripe socks.. gotta love them:)
Original painting is on sale at my etsy shop here.

There is still time to enter my contest/questionaire (see the previous post). September 1st is coming soon:)

Thank you for visiting and looking my art fairies
Please come back again soon!


9 kommenttia:

  1. Your fairy painting is beautiful, loving those curls!

  2. Oh this is just stunning. My first thought when I saw the theme curls, was a beautiful fairy...but unfortunately I'm not a fairy artist...but you are in a wonderful way.

  3. Oh Ninna, this is so beautiful! You know I love fairies and striped stockings. ;-)

  4. Striped socks and the swing are just delightful!!

  5. Very pretty, love the colors!

  6. I like the stripes on the socking, very cute take on the CT theme.

    have a great day.

  7. Yes, that works great. Thank you and welcome to CT's! BTw, do remember to add the theme title to your post itself or the name of the co-op --Creative Tuesday. thanks.

  8. Really cool. Great take on the curl theme at CT. Love the faerie design, am really into all the creatures in folk/fairy tales, especially the ones with deeper mythologies. Again, great piece here. Thanks

  9. love the fun swinging 'curly' fairy! great colours too