lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2011

Snowman art/ when it will snow?

Another work for "Art everydat" project. In my case it is artwork AlmOST eVERY dAY.
That's because school takes so much my time so there isn't much time to paint.

Here in Finland it's always exiting to wait for the first snow. It hasn't arrived yet. I shall wait and by that time I paint many of these snowmen:)

This one is on sale in my artcards-wanted shop

In finnish/Suomeksi

Uusi työ "taidetta, joka päivä" projektiin. Minun tapauksessani kyseessä on taidetta silloin tällöin- projekti. Koulu vie niin paljon aikaa, etten kerkiä paljoa maalata.

Odottelen ensi lunta... vielä se ei ole saapunut. Ja odotellessani maalailen lumiukkoja.
Täältä löytyy ACEO korttejani

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3 kommenttia:

  1. How jolly and fun! We had our first snow on Thursday ... it was quite lovely! nancy

  2. we're really lucky if we get snow in the UK although it is forecast for this winter so fingers crossed - I love snow!

  3. We don't get snow in South East Queensland but I have experienced it when we lived in Wyoming for awhile. I'm partial to 'em! Your card is lovely ~ :)