tiistai 21. marraskuuta 2017

Sun and the moon in Saami myths and folklore

As some of you may know I am very found of Saami mythology and folklore. In one of my recent articles I talk about saami´s relationship to the sun and the moon. 

maanantai 20. marraskuuta 2017

5 Things you should know about the Finnish language

It´s a funny thing..language. Finnish language especially. One of my recent article is all about crazy loveliness of the Finnish language. 

sunnuntai 19. marraskuuta 2017

Powerful goddesses of the Saami

As some of you may know beside Finnish mythology I am also very passionate about Saami mythology. Especially the stories about powerful Saami goddesses and very interesting and pro-founding. Read my thoughts on Saami goddesses here. 

perjantai 17. marraskuuta 2017

Something there from Beauty and the beast Finnish/English translation

As some of you may know I love animations. Beauty and the Beast from 1991 is one of my definite favorites. I find it always interesting to compare different translations. Some of my friends who study Finnish have asked me to do literal translations from some of the songs. So here is my translation from Something there from Finnish to English. Enjoy! 

torstai 16. marraskuuta 2017

Color Magic & Symbolic meanings of colors in different cultures

I recently wrote an article about symbolical meanings of colors in different cultures.
I hope you will find it interesting )O( 

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